Logistic Aid to mobilize your enterprise personnel in an economic, comfortable and safe way?

We have the best fleet of buses, vans and mini-vans to make your enterprise personnel feels comfortable and safe. With the best prices of the market.

Do you want to give a good impression to some important client or famous personality visiting the city?

Ensure the success of your business meetings sending your important clients or famous personalities onboard of our Premium vehicles [optionally armored] so that they experience the luxury, comfort and security that we can offer him, accompanied optionally by escorts and bilingual personnel specialized in security and attendance.

Logistic Aid for important events?

We are the best ally so that its personnel, objects and services this in the precise place and hour, we can help you in all type of special events; congresses, anniversaries, baptisms, weddings, etc. All this thanks to our personal in charge specialized in protocol and our ample fleet of vehicles for all intention that give the versatility to handle any situation.

To mobilize yourself to places of difficult access?

Our fleet of SUV 4x4 can comfortably take you to any place of difficult access for your vehicle.

Luxury transport for social events?

We have to its disposition our limousines of luxury with all the imaginable extras to frame that exclusive occasion. Surprise that special person sending him one of our limousines.

Mobile Office?

We took the office to you. We provided all the necessary things that will make you feel like in you are at your place of work. Computer with internet connection, Cellular phone, Projector, Printer, Bilingual assistance [Spanish/English/French]

Delivery service or Transport of fragile load?

We transport and handling any load either fragile or heavy to any part of the country in an efficient way.

Airport Transportation?
With a previous reservation, we made the transfer of the passenger to the airport from its office or home. With the customized attention we assist you in the Airport and return the passenger to the nearest city or any other destiny.

Make a Trip?
We invite you to travel in our comfortable vehicles all around the country, independently if it is a tourist trip or businesses. If you wish it, our conductors will wait for you the necessary time to transport you to as many destinies as you want.

Disposition Vehicle?
With the service to disposition, we assigned a conductor who will transfer you to as many sites as you need according to your requirements; suppers, meetings, etc. the vehicle will remain at your disposition the time you need.

If what you need is not reflected here, don't you worry, contact us! Surely we will be able to solve your problem.


talleres propios

mantenimiento preventivo

vehículo de reemplazo

red de grúas

asistencia legal

póliza de seguros

documentos en regla
Our Garages
We counted with our own Mechanical Garages supported in the best Personnel and Equipment in order to guarantee the excellent conditions of our Fleet of Vehicles.

Preventive Maintenance
Our vehicles are under a strict program of preventive maintenance: control of fluids, rubber revision, alignment and balance, control of system of brakes, oil change and filter of the motor, cleaning of the vehicle, etc.

Support Vehicle
In case of accident, repair or preventive maintenance, we offer substitution of vehicle by another one of the same category during the time the original vehicle acquire its good condition.

Cranes Network
for your peace of mind, we have a the support of a National Network of Cranes available the 24 hours and the 365 days of the year, able to take care of any emergencies with very brief response times.

Legal Attendance
We counted with an exclusive service of specialists and operators in the area of Legal Attendance to take care of any unforeseen, during the 24 hours of the day and the 365 days of the year, and in any place of the national territory.

Insurance policy
All our fleet and clients are protected from any accident that can happen in the national territory by an insurance policy. Also it protects any damage caused to third parties that they can be derived from the handling of the vehicle by the user.

Documents in Rule
We maintain up to date the documentation according to established in the National Law of Transit and the Terrestrial Transport, as well as all the municipal taxes that our fleet of vehicles generates.